For information about hiking, please contact one of the team leaders:  Neita Comings, Julia Graves, Judy Fujita and Kerry Weiner (Elkind).

For alternate, shorter hikes, please contact Dena Lash.


Meet at the park and ride in Healdsburg at 9:00 am.  If you lose your schedule, look on the website for the schedule. https://healdsburg-ca.aauw.net/interest-groups/hiking/

July 2                          Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach                              Kerry Weiner

This Coastal Trail is an 8.5 mile out and back trail located near Mill Valley and offers scenic views of San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge and rugged stretches of Pacific Coast and beaches. With 1,978 feet of elevation, this trail is rated moderate and perfect for any level of hiker. Bring water, poles and lunch we can enjoy on Muir Beach.

July 9                          Annadel                                                                      Neita Comings

We will be hiking the “small lake loop” starting on Channel Drive, climbing through a shaded dense forest and then circling Lake Ilsanjo before our rocky descent. This is a moderate 7.0 mile hike with about a 1000’ elevation gain. Bring water, poles and lunch.

July 16                        Dipsea Trail                                                                 Judy Fugita

We will hike the Dipsea Trail, a Marin County classic, from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach.  This is a 7.6 mile one-way hike rated as moderate-difficult.  We will start in Mill Valley climbing up 700 steps, then ascend to spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.  After that, we will descend to Stinson Beach and drive back to Mill Valley.  The hike typically takes 3 1/2–4 hours.  Bring sunscreen, water, poles and lunch.

July 23                        Willow Creek                                                              Julia Graves

This is a 9.5-mile moderate hike. We will ascend Islands in the Sky to Full Monty to the top of the ridge. We’ll see views along Fern Tree trail then go down Lower Old Barn trail to Willow Creek Road. We’ll have lunch in the shade before we head back up via Upper Old Barn Trail. Once back at the top, we hike down the fire road to our cars. Meet at the park n ride at 9 or near the Gold Coast bakery in Duncans Mills at 9:45. From there we carpool to the trailhead so we go through the gate together. Bring water, poles and lunch. Back in HB 3:30 – 4.

July 30                        Jenner Headlands Preserve                                       Judy Fujita

In Jenner Headlands Preserve, we will hike the Sea to Sky trail to the Russian Gulch trail to the Raptor Ridge trail.  The hike is a 9-mile loop hike with 1784 feet of elevation gain. Bring water, poles and lunch.