April 2019 AAUW HIKES

Meet at the P&R at 9am.  Contact the Lead if you plan to meet at the trailhead.

April 5                 Armstrong Woods                            Barb Recchia

We will start our hike from the parking lot at the visitor center up the East Ridge Trail, connect to the Gilliam Creek Trail and loop back on the Pool Ridge Trail. This is a 5.6 mile hike with about 1100′ in elevation.  Bring water, poles, and lunch.


April 12               Sweetwater Springs                         Neita Comings

This is lovely hike on a shady, rolling road that connects Westside Road to Armstrong Woods Road. It is a moderate hike. We will do about 6 miles out and back. Meet at the park n ride 9:00. Bring a hat and water. Should be back by 1pm.

April 19               Willow Creek Preserve                     Julia Graves

We will hike the Willow Creek Preserve.    The trail for this park starts just south of the town of Duncans Mills.  We will hike about a 5-6 mile loop.  The first stretch is the hardest, where we do a pretty steep climb up to the ridge at 1100′.  After this, it is a nice stroll along the ridge top with open views to the Pacific and to the Russian River.  The descent is through the woods.  Bring lunch and your hiking accessories. We should be done with the hike by 12 or 12:30.”

April 26               Jenner Headlands                            Debbie Potmesil

This is a panoramic hike at the Jenner Headlands. This is a strenuous hike. We will walk an 8.5 mile loop. The trail is hilly so bring poles, H2O and lunch. We’ll be back in HBG by 3:30.