Annual Appeal Donors

2018 – 2019 Annual Appeal Donors

The Board wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the members who responded so generously to the AAUW Healdsburg Annual Appeal.  Your donations really do change the lives of local women and girls. We thank the following members for their generous 2018-2019 contributions:

$500 and Above:

Carol Hazlett
Pat Novak Nelson
Carlene Reininga
Angele Rice
Arlyne Sarquis
Kate Van Ness

$250 and Above

Julie Hanamura
Georgia Heithall
Kay Kohler
Rebecca La Londe
Patty McHugh
Winky Merrill
Suzanne Valla
Marian Van Alyea

$100 and Above

Kim Alexander
Laura Bowman
Diane Burnley
Theresa Cabral
Sue Campbell
Beatrice Coxhead
Linda Clark
Ronnie Devitt
Marcia Fosberg
Cher Frechette
Nancy Haiston
Janet Hoehn
Terry Leach
Katherine Mattei
Jean Norelli
Kate Olivier
Yvonne Schell
Judith Widlow

$35 and Above

Laura Kimbro
Diane Meyers
Naomi Ramsden
Karen Thomas
Karen Roger Warburton