AAUW Fund Donations

2021-2022 DONORS

The Board extends a heartfelt thank you to all of our AAUW members who responded so generously to our 2021-2022 Annual Appeal. Your donations change the lives of local women and girls.  

We thank the following members for their contributions:

Patrons – $1000 and above

Robin Goble
Carroll Obremskey Charitable Fund
Carlene Reininga
Mickey Sarquis
Holly Schatz
Kate & Denny Van Ness

Sponsors – $500 – $999

Diane Bartleson
Heidi Blumenthal
Dena Cochran
Beatrice Coxhead
Ronnie & Tom Devitt
Leslie Everett
Carol Hazlett
HCC, Inc.
Kay Kohler
Patty McHugh
Winky Merrill
Donna Riley
Laura Tyler

Supporters – $250 to $499

Kim Alexander
Diane Burnley
Theresa Cabral
Mary Jane Corson
Barbara Epstein
Cheryl Frechette
Julie Hanamura
Janet Hoehn
Rebecca La Londe
Patricia Nelson
Martha Noble
Celeste Plaister
Michelle Regan
Suzanne Valle

Friends – $100 to $249

Carol Callaghan
Sue Campbell
Cathy Chiminello
Linda Clark
Nola Colbert
Ed Crowell & Andrea Michelson
Raleigh Fohrman
Nancy Haiston
Laura Kramer
Elizabeth Loebel
Cynthia Lipton
Charlene Luks
Diane Myers
Catherine Mock
Catherine Olivier
Ronie Reiley
Janice Scales
Connie Sears
Rachel Schochet
Bruce Tagnetti
Sally Tischler
Laura Tredinnick
Marian Van Alyea
Beth Wolk
Gail Wright
Phillip Wright
Ginna Zoellner

Other Donors

Judy Edmonds
Yvonne Hyatt
Karen Warburton
Julia Weller