Healdsburg AAUW 2016-2017 Year in Review

Membership: Over 200 and growing

Community Services

  • Reading Rocks: volunteers meet weekly with first graders at Healdsburg Elementary School and Westside School and with first and second graders
    at Healdsburg Charter School
  • Tech Trek: nine junior high girls selected to attend week long camp at Stanford University
  • GEMS (Girls Engaged in Math and Science): field trips and programs for junior and senior high school girls to see women using STEM education at work
  • Future Prep: Career Choices and Life Skills: programs offered at Healdsburg and Cloverdale high schools
  • Speech Trek: Branch began regional competition to enable high school students from Cloverdale, Geyserville, Healdsburg, and Windsor to compete in
    AAUW California contest
  • Healdsburg AAUW Forum: 5 six week lifelong learning courses at the Raven Theater for adults in the community.

2016-2017 Source of Funds

  • $51,000.00 27th Annual Healdsburg Homes Tour
  • $27,000.00 Healdsburg AAUW Forum
  • $14,000.00 Donations not including Homes Tour Supporters
  • $ 1,600.00 Premier of “Heirloom” film
  • Tech Trek directly funded by generous donors

Scholarships and Grants

  • $29,000.00*:    Santa Rosa JC reentry women continuing at a four-year college:
      • $24,000 for six $4000 scholarships
      • $5,000 for a single scholarship from the Al Garren Fund of the San Francisco Foundation.

    (This fund was created to honor Dr. Alper A. Garren, a brilliant, compassionate, and
    widely loved Northern California particle physicist who has given generously of his time and
    resources to provide educational opportunities to promising young people.)

  • 27,000.00*
    Scholarships for high school girls:

    • Healdsburg High School
      $5,000 scholarship from the Al Garren Fund
      $8,000 for 4 $2000 scholarships
    • Cloverdale High School
      $8,000 for 4 $2000 scholarships
    • Windsor High School
      $4000 of 2 $2000 scholarships
    • Geyserville High School
      $2000 scholarship
  • $4500.00 AAUW FUNDS (National)
  • $3000.00 PSST (Public Schools Success Team)
  • $2000.00 Cloverdale Education Foundation
  • $1000.00 Healdsburg Museum Internship
  • $ 870.75 Healdsburg EducationFoundation
  • $ 500.00 Healdsburg Science Fair
  • $ 500.00 Expanding Your Horizons

*Scholarships are allocated in the fiscal year ending on June 30th, but are awarded in September upon proof of enrollment at a four-year college

2016-2017 Allocations Pie Chart
2016-2017 Sources of Funds Pie Chart 2.0