2015-2016 Sources of Funds Pie Chart


The AAUW Healdsburg Branch has established the Healdsburg AAUW Fund, a 501(c) (3) corporation, to increase its fundraising ability and to allow tax deductible donations. The primary sources of fundraising are:

Healdsburg Homes Tour – AAUW Healdsburg’s annual fundraiser. Taking place yearly on the first Sunday of May, participants have the opportunity to visit five to six unique homes in Healdsburg and relax with refreshments in the garden of one of the homes. In addition to the tour itself, AAUW raises funds through raffle ticket sales, tour sponsorships and advertising.

For more information contact Kim Alexander.

AAUW Forum – an educational lecture series, unveiled in winter 2014. The Forum focuses on “Building Knowledge and Enriching Thought” offering two six week courses each in the fall, winter and spring at the Raven Theater.

For more information contact Kay Kohler for winter classes and Liz Loebel for spring classes.

eScrip program – a fundraising program that allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of our members’ or our supporters’ grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit card purchases to Healdsburg AAUW Fund.

For more information contact Claire O’Neil.

Direct donations – donations made directly to Healdsburg AAUW Fund support scholarships for women and girls and local education programs. Direct donations are also obtained to send 7 to 9 girls entering 8th grade to Tech Trek, a week-long residential camp, at Stanford University that focuses on math, science, engineering and technology.

For more information contact Janet Hoehn.

Funded in 2014-15